The School Year and Terms of Payment

The BSM school year is divided into a total of four school terms. Term fees are payable at the commencement of each Term.†† A payment is to be made for the first 4 weeks lessons to secure a booking.† The balance of the Term Fees are payable within the first 4 week period.†† No places will be held unless fees have been paid.†



Attendance and Make-up Lessons

Please be punctual.† BSM requires regular and punctual attendance to all classes, lessons and rehearsals.† Individual lessons missed by the student must be paid for and will not be made up unless 24 hours notice is given and then only in the case of severe illness.† One such lesson missed per term will be made up.† Should the student cancel a make-up lesson, the lesson will be considered given and must be paid for.† Student absences from class/group lessons cannot be made up.† In the case of a teacherís absence from a scheduled lesson, the lesson will be made-up or given by a substitute teacher.


If you wish to terminate your lessons two weeks tuition fees are to be paid in lieu of notice.†


Open Classes and Lessons

The parents in our program are a very important part of the success of learning music. Individual classes are open to parents in consultation with the teacher.† Group lessons, however, are not open.†


Public Performance

At BSM we provide many opportunities for public performance and this is an essential part of the philosophy of BSM.† Whilst each student has the opportunity and is encouraged to perform at regular concerts, competitions and exams organised by BSM please note that participation is not compulsory. We believe that learning music is a process and therefore not necessarily a performance.† We provide the opportunity for group participation.†


Enrolment at BSM is on a continuous basis and re-enrolment is only required at the end of each year.


Thank you for being part of our programme.

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